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If your company is utilising a lot of power perhaps in the printing or manufacturing industry then you will need a management system that will keep you informed of the energy you are using. You can take the free option of software available or pay for quality software which feed‘s straight from your half hourly meter.

In the main UK companies are not aware of how competitive the UK energy industry is and in that instance it is probably better to enlist an agent who knows exactly what they are doing. By switching suppliers the chances are you will possibly save a fair amount of cash from you bottom line.

For any business,saving money on gas bills makes perfect sense and in a market which is volatile it is important to make sure you keep an eye on what is happening. It is possible to be losing thousands a year on your gas bills however if you have a company who monitors this for you the end result is more profit for you. If you are a larger corporation with many branches or sites your buying power will be increased and that increase can save thousands for each site or branch. Imagine what thousands multiplied by your number of sites will mean to your year end?

Apart from changing companies there are many ways to save on your gas energy consumption; the first step is to ensure that you have a good energy monitor.

With standard energy monitors you get fairly basic data such as how much gas your company is using now and the cost of that based on your current gas price plan. It will also give you an average of how much your gas usage changes over a period of days. Unfortunately they do provide limited information and you may have to record the information gained in a manual way.

Management software on the other hand reads your data every half hour directly from your meter and you are free to review the information provided as often as you wish. The main disadvantage to management software for your gas supply is that you need to have a 00 meter for the information to be collated correctly. There are various monitors available on the market and you can as a householder or as a business you can purchase them from around £50. Four of the main suppliers offer a free monitor; these are Eon, Npower, EDF and first Utilities. Other gas energy suppliers do not offer free monitoring units however you can purchase them yourself.

Using smart meters can reduce your gas energy costs by as much as 10% which for larger companies can be majorly significant, even for smaller companies with less overheads this can make a significant difference. Let’s face facts any company would not be happy paying for twice the paper the actually require so why should it be any different for your gas supply just because you do not see it being delivered? If you require help with managing your gas supply give us a call now on 0161 751 2586 for a free no obligation quote.