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Business Gas

UK Gas Crisis is set to impact on UK Business.

With the on-going gas shortage in the UK business energy rates are rising year on year and the worse is yet to come.

Due to the erratic UK weather and extended cold snaps, we have used approximately 40% more gas over the last few years and in March 2013 our fuel reserves fell to the point where we only had 36 hours of reserves remaining and emergency supplies had to be shipped in from Qatar which left the UK with a fifth of the supplies that we had at the same time the previous year.

The energy suppliers in the UK buy their supplies a year or more in advance which means for UK businesses a price rise is inevitable and a foregone conclusion as the increased demand for gas has already pushed the wholesale price of gas considerably up with estimates ranging from 10 to 20%. This will result in an increase of £200 per year for households and considerably more for business, it’s for this reason that it is crucial more than ever for businesses to compare and save on energy. To find out how much you could save fill in your details on our short form.

The government has pledged to considerably increase the amount of energy the country requires from gas fired power stations which results in a further increased need for natural gas supplies. The long term future is not so bleak with British Gas owners signing a £10 billion deal with the US to import more than enough gas for the UK for a decade. This will see huge shipments of liquefied gas being shipped from Louisiana in the states to Kent here in the UK and it is estimated that the deal will safe guard the UK gas requirements for the next decade .

A government spokesperson has commented “Future gas supplies from the US will help diversify our energy mix and provide British consumers with a new long-term, secure and affordable source of fuel.” This is all well and good from the governments perspective however it is a long term view as the deal is set to see the first of the gas arriving in 5 years’ time! So in the meantime fill in you details or call us on 0161 751 4821 for an instant quote to see how much you can save.

So how does that leave UK business over the next five years? Well there are simply steps you can take as a business to ensure your business is on the best gas tariff therefore minimising the damage these increased rates will have on your bottom line. There are six main suppliers in the UK: British Gas, EDF Energy, E On UK, N Power, Scottish Power and SSE. There are more suppliers but this is a good starting point for the average UK business. You need to contact each of the six and give them your current usage and find out how the business gas prices you are currently compare to what they can currently offer.

At this point you need to try and get direct answers as to when these prices are likely to increase, by how much or if they have a deal that you can be tied into without an increase. Then compare the future prices and you can then have a rough estimate as to which supplier is best for you.

The simplest and most time effective method is to use a business gas price comparison site. In the main companies such as ourselves have built up a relationship with ALL the energy providers and consequently achieve better gas prices than you will directly with the supplier. We also have full knowledge of all deals available and when they end so are best equipped to give you full and impartial advice. Finally the time saving is considerable as you only need to fill in your details once and we do all the leg work for you.

For the best Business Gas Prices over the next five years fill in our simple for to start saving or call Business Gas Prices on 0161 751 2586