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Apart from finding a cheaper supplier there are a number of easy steps to reducing your Business gas consumption. Some of these are simple common sense but combined they can result in up to a 10% reduction in usage and consequently lower bills. Most changes required are more a life style change and if you reward staff for changing habits which waste energy you will soon see a marked difference in overall consumption saving the average business anywhere from £180 to £230 per year.

  • Take advantage of free advice available from your energy provider. Most providers’ offer free expert advice with suggestions on how to reduce energy usage.
  • On the same topic if at all possible look at your options for having your heating on a timer so the heating is only on when you know you have people in the building.
  • Make sure that all your thermostats are working correctly and even by turning down by one degree will result in major savings.
  • Have a look at how your heating is set. Do you have rooms which have no occupants which are timed to start on a daily basis? If so turn the thermostat to zero and when needed this can be adjusted.
  • Encourage staff in best practice when it comes to energy efficiencies. If for example some office space is not to be used due to holidays or even for one day on a bank holiday turn these radiators off as even in one day you can make significant saving.
  • If you are replacing any appliances make sure they are Grade A efficient. All equipment these days shows how efficient they are on the packaging.
  • If your windows are not double glazed consider replacing them with greener double glazing products. The governments green deal initiative may mean you are entitled to a grant of £10,000 or more to have them installed. This can lead to a saving of more than £170 per year or more.
  • Consider smart meters, these will collate your energy usage data putting you in a better position to make changes to your usage patterns to be more energy effective. Most business in the UK are not on smart meters and to upgrade to smart meters is generally free of charge. Smart meters simply replace your current gas meter allowing you to see how much gas you are using broken down on an hourly basis.
  • Renewable energy is a great way to save on your business Gas costs. You may shy away at the initial investment however it is proven to reduce your costs on a long term basis. Solar panels are a definite saver and you may want to look at using wind turbines. Not only is this a cheaper form of energy you will also receive payments for energy generated via business feed in tariffs.
  • Keep your staff informed of any changes you are making and the savings that are achieved as a result. This way you are keeping the topic live and therefore encouraging a change to how energy is used in your business.

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