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Scottish Power Business Gas

Choosing Scottish Power Business Gas

Formed in 1990, Scottish Power is one the Big Six power companies, making it one of the largest business gas suppliers in the UK.

Scottish Power provides business gas to a wide range of different organisations, from large corporations, SMEs to micro businesses. Scottish Power’s business rates have been designed to reflect the needs of a broad spectrum of enterprises.

Fixed Business Gas Contracts

Scottish Power has fixed price contracts for small to medium businesses, which makes management of costs that much easier. This is because the fixed price is held across the duration of the term, even if there are fluctuations in the gas market. The customer can always be sure that the rates will be consistent, depending on usage.

Business customers can choose between a 1 year and 2 year fixed rate contract for their gas supply. This is managed by a monthly Direct Debit, which takes a lot of the hassle out of managing invoices. The customer can also access online and offline billing for greater convenience.

Big Business Gas Tariffs

For big corporates, Scottish Power has a series of tariffs built around larger energy consumption. This includes fixed, variable and flexible rate contracts.

Fixed - As with the standard contracts, the fixed rate tariffs maintain the same unit pricing throughout the term of the contract.

Variable - Designed around customers using more than 1GWh (gigawatt-hour), the variable option allows customers to buy their energy in tranches throughout the year.

Flexible - The flexible contract is for customers using over 10GWh, allowing for the purchase of energy at market value with the assistance of an account manager.

Business Energy From Scottish Power

Scottish Power’s business energy service is designed to offer competitive rates for businesses through their fixed price tariffs. They also have an Online Energy Service, which allows you to manage your business gas accounts through their web portal.

This time-saving system keeps the customer’s account information in one place, offering quick access to important details about usage and spending. The Online Energy Service makes life a lot simpler when keeping track of business gas costs.

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