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Opus Business Gas

Opus Energy is a suppler of gas to SMEs and larger corporations since its formation in 2002. The company is built around offering b2b energy to buyers, with a range of tariffs to suit many business types. Customers of Opus Energy include Pizza Hut, Virgin Media and Paperchase.

Opus has invested in many renewable energy programmes, and is invested in innovative ways of building on renewable energies across the UK. It has won many awards including ‘Independent Energy Supplier of the Year’ in 2010, because of its exceptional customer support.

Business Gas For SMEs

Support and billing From Opus Energy is designed to reduce the time-consuming admin for their customers. Their billing is easy to understand, outlining costs in a matter of fact, no nonsense way. It’s always clear what the customer is paying for and how it’s worked out. This saves a lot of time in contacting Opus Energy for clarification, which is time consuming for everyone! However, if customers do need to speak to Opus Energy, they can talk directly to advisors based in the UK. It is thanks to these, and other initiatives, the have helped Opus Energy to build ongoing relationships with their customers.

It’s not all down to dedication to customer services. Opus Energy business gas supply is also about providing energy that is cleaner and better for the environment while educating businesses on how to improve their own carbon profile.

Easy Business Gas Tariffs

Opus Energy usually sets its business gas tariffs at 12 month terms, however they will discuss this with clients to see if there other alternative terms available. These are also fixed tariffs, which makes it easier to manage the bills throughout the year. It also means that even if gas costs in the market changes, the agreed costs will stay the same.

If you want to learn more about Opus Energy business gas suppliers, we’re here to take your call. Our friendly, efficient staff will provide impartial advice to guide you through your choice when switching providers. Call us on 0161 751 2586 and we can even arrange for your switchover for you for free.