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Why Choose NPower Business Gas?

RWE NPower is one of the largest business gas suppliers in the UK. This is due to several factors, including fixed term contracts and UK based customer contact centres. NPower also provides competitive business rates, with consultants that are on hand to help SMEs and corporations reduce their overall spending on gas.

Business Gas Services For SMEs

Although all businesses are different, RWE NPower has developed ways of reducing energy outputs for small to medium sized organisations based on their business type. This helps to identify trouble areas for particular customers quickly and easily.

This can be for business gas customers running shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels and many other company types, identifying specific areas that need to be looked at. NPower can go through these different business areas to find the weak links that can cause a higher cost of gas billing.

Reducing You Carbon Footprint

NPower’s energy advisers will look at areas such as ventilation and air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, lighting, insulation and appliances to make an improvement to your energy efficiency.

RWE NPower can also advise on reducing your carbon footprint, which is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes - particularly large corporations. Due to the Climate Change Levy (CCL), it’s essential for many companies to work towards an improved CO2 output. This is one way that NPower helps its business gas customers achieve their environmental targets.

One of the main ways that RWE NPower has helped businesses to reduce their costs is by using improved metering services. For business gas customers, NPower will fit a Gas AMR to the existing on-site meter.

This device will send data based on the company’s day to day usage to NPower, where it will be analysed by NPower’s team. They can then advice the customer on ways that costs can be reduced in various areas of the business.

Changing Your Business Gas Supplier

Call us on 0161 751 2586 for advice on switching your business gas supplier. If you want to know more about RWE NPower and how they can help your business, give us a ring today and we can discuss this with you. We can also handle your switchover at no charge.