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Gazprom Business Gas

Gazprom has been a business gas supplier since 2006, providing companies with a series of tariffs geared up for many different requirements. This flexibility of service has been incredibly useful for SMEs and corporations.

Flexible Business Gas Tariffs

Gazprom’s business gas tariffs are split into 5 different contracts. These are:

Shield Micro - Shield Micro is a fixed cost energy plan that’s designed to cover third party charges that can fluctuate over the period of the agreement. This makes it easy to budget across the 12 or 24 month term.
Shield - The Shield tariff can be agreed for a period of up to 24 months, with all pricing fixed at the start of the contract.
True - While the costs of wholesale gas prices are fixed, these costs are reviewed bi-annually and passed through at cost.
Freedom: Weighted Average (WA) - Designed for larger businesses, The Freedom WA tariff is flexible, but has a limited risk over the course of the 8 season term.
Freedom: Cash Out - The Freedom: Cash Out tariff is similar to the Freedom: WA, but is geared to businesses that have fluctuating or seasonal special requirements.

Supporting Small Businesses

As well as providing business gas, Gazprom Energy also works closely with businesses to improve their energy usage. This can be in a variety of different ways, including access to a team of professional co-ordinators. A Gazprom coordinator will investigate your site, which can involve the connection and installation of energy saving devices.

Among these changes, Gazprom can look into gas meter installation and service, and meter removal and installation. Gazprom Energy will also make an investigation and fitting of pipework. The result of this means that companies get a good hands-on overview of areas that need to be corrected.

Gazprom Energy will also assign one account contact through the life of the contract to ensure that there is strong support and continuity.

Switching To Gazprom Business Gas

If you want to know more about Gazprom Energy and its suitability for your business, you can call our team now. We’re here to talk about the options available to you and make the switch. All you need to do is ring us today on 0161 751 2586 for help from our impartial team free of charge.