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EON Business Gas

E.ON is a gas supplier that has become a major provider of energy for large and small businesses since it was formed in 1990. E.ON is one of the Big Six energy suppliers and one of the biggest gas suppliers in the UK.

Nearly 10 years ago, the UK became a net importer of gas. Because of the increasing need for imported gas, E.ON formed E.ON Gas Storage UK Ltd (EGS UK), which has been established as E.ON’s gas storage business. E.ON’s long term gas storage projects are secured by EGS UK, which includes the identification, development, operation and construction of a wide portfolio of gas storage facilities.

Accurate Business Gas Metering

Automated Meter Reading, or AMR, is designed for Non Daily Metered (NDM) business gas customers to offer a more accurate system of billing. AMR means that customers no longer have to deal with billings based on estimates, or worry about going through the hassle of chasing refunds.

For business gas meter reading, AMR is fitted to an existing gas meter. The AMR will transmit the data to E.ON, which will then run through the information for improved billing. The added benefit of AMR data is that E.ON can then discuss these readings with the customer, using the data to reduce energy usage, as well as putting in place a scheme of budgeting and forecasting.

Many businesses have found AMR to essential to improving their own operations, reducing costs and managing their overall energy output.

Business Gas Plans

E.ON has a range of business gas tariffs that are designed for small to medium sized businesses, as well as larger corporations.

The E.ON gas plans are based on fixed pricing, which are maintained throughout the course of the agreement. This makes managing the costs for the duration of the agreement far more manageable, with the fixed costs protected throughout that time. E.ON also has a facility to advise business customers on improving energy efficiency to reduce costs further.

If you need to know more about E.ON’s business gas plans, or want to make the switch, give us a call today on 0161 751 2586 , We can take care of your change over for free!