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Corona Energy Business Gas

Corona Energy provides business gas to SMEs and corporate organisations. Because of environmental concerns and the Climate Change Levy (CCL) this is increasingly important for companies of all sizes.

As a supplier of natural business gas, Corona Energy has drawn up a range of simple tariffs built on reducing emissions and lowering costs.

Choosing Corona Energy For Your Business

Corona Energy has been been pushing for improved business gas efficiency and reduced costs since 1995. Corona was the first company to bring in Automated Meter Reading for business gas accounts in the UK, revolutionising billing for many organisations.

Automated Meter Reading, or AMR, is a big improvement on traditional meter reading. Gone are the days of estimates leading to inaccurate billing. AMR meters are set up to provide accurate data to a central hub at Corona Energy. All this information is used to provide accurate bills so the customer isn’t overcharged and doesn’t have to go through time-consuming refunds.

An added bonus of having AMR installed at your business is that the collected data from the customer’s premises is collated and analysed by Corona Energy to find ways of reducing your overall power consumption.

Smart Business Gas Tariffs

Corona Energy brings a range of fixed and flexible tariffs when supplying gas for businesses. Customers can choose fixed priced agreements for up to a 36 month period, as well as flexible 1828tariffs that show the changes in gas supply costs, also for a maximum period of 36 months.

There’s also a choice of how you receive your bills and manage your communications, as you can choose paper invoices, e-Bill, EDI, and choose BACs and Cheque. When choosing Direct Debit, Corona Energy has a discount system in place. You can also access various different areas of your Corona Energy account via their online ‘MyCorona’ system.

Making The Switch To Your New Business Gas Provider

To find out if Corona Energy is the right gas provider for your business, call us today and we can go through the pros and cons with you. We’re on hand to answer your questions and make the switch for you for free. Call 0161 751 2586 for more on making the switch to your new business gas provider.