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CNG Ltd Business Gas

The main reason why many organisations turn to CNG Ltd for their business gas is its commitment to the environment. CNG Ltd is constantly exploring ways of making their business gas supply a greener alternative to other energy providers.

Outstanding Business Customer Service

CNG Ltd has worked hard on its customer service infrastructure. Based in the UK, CNG is providing business customers with a designated account manager for more efficient account handling. It’s this dedication to customer service that has helped CNG Ltd to hold on to long-lasting clients.

This has led to the winning of the IIC (Investor in Customers) Award for their high level of customer service. What makes this so notable is that CNG Ltd is the first energy supplier in the UK to win the award.

CNG Business Gas And The Environment

It’s CNG’s forward thinking attitude toward the environment that has made them the first choice for many businesses when choosing their gas supplier. Not only does CNG Ltd advise businesses on how best to improve their level of emissions and reduce their energy bills, they also work hard at introducing such measures into their own business. This helps CNG to understand and overcome the challenges of modern businesses reducing their costs and CO2 output.

One of the ways in which CNG Ltd is doing its bit to improve the environmental profile of its business customers is through the use of AMR (Automated Meter Reading). AMR meters provide a greater level of accuracy when placed at various business sites. The data collected by AMR meters is collected in a central hub, where it can be analysed by energy experts.

Following this analysis, customers are advised on the ways that they can improve their energy efficiency and lower bills. This is a huge improvement on billing based on estimates, which meant manual readings and inconvenient engineer callouts for hard to reach meters.

This environmental concern is carried through to the core of the company, which is based around paperless, online billing.

Why Switch To CNG Business Gas?

Call us on 0161 751 2586 and we can take care of your change over to CNG. You can ask our friendly, informed team about what makes CNG - or other business gas suppliers - the right provider for you.