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Choosing British Gas For Business

As one of the Big Six energy providers in the UK, British Gas Business is one of the main suppliers of SME and Corporate gas. British Gas Business is experienced with the operation many different businesses, making them one of the first choices for many companies.

British Gas is also greatly involved in initiatives to improve business and corporate energy levels, reducing CO2 emissions and bills. This has proven to be incredibly useful for many organisations looking to find ways to bring down their expenditure.

British Gas Business has over 12,000 members of customer service staff, which is able to manage a huge rate of enquiries. For call outs and servicing, British Gas Business also employs 8,000 CORGI trained engineers.

British Gas Business For Corporations

When it comes to large corporations, working out a more effective way of lowering energy costs and meeting environmental regulations can be a complex matter. British Gas has introduced several ways to make this easier for big business.

One of the key ways of improving energy efficiency for businesses is to install technological innovations across various locations of the business, no matter how far and wide, to monitor exactly where improvements can be made. This monitoring hardware and software sends all of the date to a control centre where it’s monitored and checked. This information is processed and a report is assed by British Gas Business’ experts to suggest the best solutions to implement.

British Gas Business Maintenance For Your Company

Part of British Gas Business’ success is down to their planned and reactive servicing. With regular, scheduled maintenance, engineers are able to note where there might be any need for engineering work - more often than not this is a perfectly normal instance of wear and tear.

This servicing is performed proactively, often nipping any issues in the bud before they worsen. Of course, this isn’t always possible. For that reason, engineers are available for call out.  British Gas Business has a choice of Gas CarePlans to help you set up your regular business gas inspections.

If you want to know more about British Gas Business before you switch, please call us on 0161 751 2586 . We’re on hand to answer all of your enquiries and can handle your switchover for you at no charge!